Magic moments threaded into the flow that we call everyday….


Laura and I having a loving catch-up in the garden under the morning sunshine. Bird song mingling with our loving laughter and shared confidences.

Opening each package to reveal a set of paintings created by Em. She wanted me to have her love on the walls of my new home, for my fresh start as she calls it. When I opened a set of two with mirrored heart images I dissolved.

Joy as Em and I watched Otis start to put weight onto his poorly leg, as the last rays of sun left the sky and Em stroked him. The look on her face is branded on my heart.

Each idea and job application hitting a blank wall so far and being seen as guidance by me, rather than rejection. Gratitude as these tweaks created space for me to have an idea in the peace of the early morning hours today. Life was breathed into that idea with a phone call first thing and I have let it go to see if it has wings.

Pepper waiting at the gate for me, (no.5 in the herd), so I could stroke her and chat as she walked with me while I did my morning head count. All present and correct. Unlike Sunday morning when they had gone walkabout because some unthinking soul had left a gate open! I eventually found them, but not before I had walked across numerous fields and telephoned a neighbouring farmer and his wife alerting them to the herd’s plight with these lines….

Me:’Good morning, I am so sorry to call you this early, but I have a slight hiccup here as the river gate was left open and the cows are missing’.

Farmer’s wife: ‘How many Jane?’

Me: ‘The whole herd.’

Farmer’s wife: ‘The WHOLE herd??’

Me: ‘Yes!’…..

Bless them for being so kind on the phone. We all laughed with relief as I carried on talking to them as I searched and spotted the herd calmly tucking into the delights of a new corner in a hitherto unreachable distant field! As I approached talking to my charges, they looked up as if to say ‘Gotcha!’ The farmer thanked me for getting him dressed, albeit in haste, and they made absolutely sure that I knew I could call them at any time, for whatever reason. Loving kindness from strangers and a growing desire in me for a quad bike.

Laughter and clucking as I shared my morning museli with happy hens.

Peace to sit and write to you all.

I dwell in gratitude knowing that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. Dreaming with hope, and without expectation, I am free to flow with the magic of life and love.

Community spirit and farming…


I sat and watched ‘Countryfile’ with Dad tonight and one of their reports was from the worst hit flood area in the county of Somerset. They were talking to the farmers whose fields were still underwater over two months on. The farmers had managed to move their livestock, but their stocks of animal feed and bedding were ruined. One farmers wife put a Tweet on Twitter for help and within hours the farming community of the UK rallied. Fellow farmers hauled feed and bedding , some of them from many miles away, into a central collection point for all. The film showed hardy farmers welling up at the support and care that was coming their way from their fellow man.

Life is flowing an insight into this world my way lately. My pet and house sitting venture is taking off with great energy and I now have eight confirmed bookings over the next few months. A few of these bookings are for farms and smallholdings and I have been shown thoughtfulness when the details have been discussed. One lady is going to keep a few lambs bottlefed for me, so that I can be there to feed them for a few more days and wean them for her. This farm is also home for many retired racehorses and I will be able to ride out in the company of her groom. On another smallholding I have been given the care of a lovely horse and Shetland pony, so I will be able to muck out their stables and groom them. On many of my bookings I am able to feed and care for hens and notably in one home (and this was relayed with humour) a very timid rooster. I love the pictures of the dogs and cats that are being emailed across and they all have fabulous names.

Life is opening up a very exciting new chapter.