A Diamond of Sixty Years Together….

My Mum and Dad – sixty years ago…. ❤

We gathered as a family to celebrate my Mum and Dad's Diamond Wedding Anniversary recently.

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren bearing testimony to their lives together. All sparking in unique ways with the love, blessings, resilience, fortitude, flexibility, adventuring spirits, creativity and care that has sprung from their foundation.

We all love you both. ❤

Emotional bankruptcy and ideas……

Em's sunset

Em sent me this picture the other evening, as she captured the sunset from her bathroom window. Yes, she stood on the loo to take it and I am glad she did, as it’s lovely.

A few weeks ago I took a break from working on the telephone service. There are a number of things ‘at odds’ with working in this way and I found myself unable to function properly, as I had got so tired. Cross-eyed with tiredness is not a good look at my age!

I still have my face to face work and my paid writing assignments and, ever flexible, I thought that I could take on a few other paid ‘one-off’ activities to plug the financial gap for a few weeks. Needless to say these ‘things’ have brought their own surprises and challenges with them. I took on a small garden restoration job and soon discovered that some much needed ‘male digging’ assistance was required, thank you Jeff. Hat’s off to him, as he managed to work with a fractured kneecap and a shoulder in a sling after major surgery. We also kept calm as we unearthed an adder’s nest of eggs in the garden.

Given the on-going dance I have with my landlord, the decorating work he was paying me for in this cottage was always going to be tricky, so I might leave that subject for another day.

Another ‘one-off’ found me spending the morning in a vintage tea shop and the afternoon in an adjoining gift shop. It was whilst I was behind the counter in the gift shop that I had an idea. One text to my running mate Jeff (and a long conversation later) and a new venture was born. Three weeks of research, planning and organisation and we’re about to start. With luck and application, I will be able to drop my phone work down to manageable levels and give reign to creativity again.

It is simply staggering what is coming from that one text. We both think that when you get effortless synchronicity like this, it’s best to run with it! So here’s to a completely new sunrise.

Of course, I will post up pictures of what we’re up to. In the meantime, to keep my sanity and to save Jeff’s left ear from being bashed with my numerous phone calls, I have been crocheting baby blankets. I lined this one with material from an old silk dress.



I awoke with a plan this morning, sat watching the snow falling outside and no, it’s not the weather that has upended my plan…just life getting in the way…

What follows was not my intended post for today, that will have to wait for another day when I have the mental space to craft it properly.

My day seemed so straightforward when I stood watching the snow fall at daybreak, coffee cup in hand, with all the animals fed and settled for the morning and the day’s priorities clear in my mind.

It’s this time of year isn’t it? Too much to do and too little time to do it in. Note to self – wait for your acrylic paint to dry properly before applying your varnish otherwise you get black streaks running through your carefully coloured design. The ‘squeak’ that emitted from me (it was all I could manage at the time) caused the ‘boys’ to immediately sit to attention tails going with a ‘Is there anything we can do to help’ look on their faces. There wasn’t, but I did go and find Emily with a new plan as I obviously was not delivering my furniture order this morning.

Emily greeted me with the news that Morgan was home a day early from Uni, they were desperate to be together and could he come over to spend the day? Now thinking ahead very quickly (and I’m getting so good at this) all thoughts of grabbing a quick boiled egg and soldiers for dinner were promptly dismissed along with my plans to get my last orders for Christmas delivery base coated this afternoon.

An army marches on it’s stomach so I’ve been to the supermarket and Em has made lunch. My painted furniture has been re-painted and rescued and I am now off to deliver it this afternoon. Household tasks and laundry have been handed over to Em and Morgan, this involves Em doing them and Morgan following her around telling entertaining stories whilst she’s busy (we love you Morgan). I got the new washing machine installed last night and for the individual who tightened the holding bolts on the drum, a big non-thank you, as I practically had to sit on the spanner to get the blessed things off.

Anyway I digress…..

Furniture orders will be delivered shortly, Christmas cards will get written at some stage, base coating will happen, dark chocolate for numerous brownie orders will be purchased as it was forgotten in this morning’s shopping trip and to maintain her sanity the ‘boys’ will take their harrassed mistress for a walk in the woods before darkness falls.