A Diamond of Sixty Years Together….

My Mum and Dad – sixty years ago…. ❤

We gathered as a family to celebrate my Mum and Dad's Diamond Wedding Anniversary recently.

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren bearing testimony to their lives together. All sparking in unique ways with the love, blessings, resilience, fortitude, flexibility, adventuring spirits, creativity and care that has sprung from their foundation.

We all love you both. ❤

Courage; we all have it – it is just the daily demands for level that varies….

Everyones thoughts are with all the people caught up in the war torn areas in our world right now as the courage and fortitude of all concerned is inestimable.

I think comparisons are wrong, as everyone has to walk in their own shoes and every day there are also millions of acts of courage that go largely unseen as they are internal.

One of the little ones is struggling with starting school and so far in her life she has been the capable one with rarely a ripple on the surface. Now at four and a half (the half is very important) she is battling and unhappy. I went to look after them for a few hours last night and she is unable to vocalise just how she is feeling but it is written in her face and in her little arms as they wound tightly around my neck and she couldn’t let go. So we spun magic with many cuddles, giggles, bathtime games, butterfly kisses and stories by torchlight in our makeshift tent.

I watch my daughter gain her balance having made a difficult decision on changing her life plan. We spin our own magic in this house and chocolate, much nattering late at night and Downton Abbey feature highly.

When I think of my friendship circles, the love, support and care we all show each other is the magic that glues us all together.

Be kind and spin magic when you see a need as I’ll bet everyone is courageous in their own way, every single day.

Fortune favours the brave…….

Dictionary definition: brave

1. Possessing or displaying courage; valiant.
2. Making a fine display; impressive or showy: “a coat of brave red lipstick on a mouth so wrinkled that it didn’t even have a clear outline” (Anne Tyler).
3. Excellent; great

I think fortune (as such) favours those who get up no matter how many times they get knocked down and carry on. Resilience, fortitude and sometimes sheer bloody mindedness keeps them going and that is my definition of bravery. Fortune is a transitory thing, materially based and I value inner happiness far more than anything transitory, material or financially based.

There was an ad. on TV aroundabout 2001 for margarine or somesuch everyday item ; ‘Do something that scares you every day’ it exhorted, with folk leaping off a boardwalk into a lake…at the time I had a very ill (unable to function) husband and that chapter lasted a good few years, his new business to run that I knew very little about and was trying to pick up the reins to run with and a lassie about to start private school. I remember looking at the TV and thinking ‘Do something that scares me every day?….uuurrrmmmm that would be getting out of bed each morning’.

At the start of this year I jumped off the corporate treadmill and flew solo to do the spiritual work, writing, painting and creating that comes so naturally to me. Foolhardy, financial madness or just plain mad, indulgent and quite a few other sharp, but no doubt well intentioned, judgments have been sent my way. I have kept going, trying new things and dusting myself off each time I have been knocked back. Yesterday I stood in a sun drenched studio (yes, it is late October) and stepped back and viewed my ‘up and coming’ latest creative idea and I just know that magic is weaving it’s way through this one.

I don’t see myself as brave, nor partciluarily favoured by fortune, but I am without doubt being authentic with myself. I keep standing up again and again and I do ‘believe’ (IMOM x).