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Home is in my heart…

This sea glass started life as bottles broken by rocks, then tumbled by sea and tide until the edges were smoothed and the surfaces completely frosted.

Thus far I have lived in over fifty homes, across three continents and a fair number of countries. Self-protection stopped me counting after fifty and I went quiet on my nomadic lifestyle due to people’s reactions. ‘Oh, you never stick at anything.’ ‘You never stay in one place long.’ ‘What’s the matter with you?’ etc., etc….

The interesting thing is that no matter how sharp the experience, or how painful the lesson, I know deep inside that I have the ability to stand up again. Sometimes I have to rest a fair while before I muster the energy though.

There’s a book in this…now there’s a thought. ❤

I was sitting at my desk working yesterday, looking out at the water, and a colourful butterfly landed on the wall outside my window. He rested there for about half an hour and we kept each other company, as mother nature shared her beauty and he basked in the warmth from the bricks.

In April this year I attended a writer’s workshop in Liverpool run by the kind and inspiring Fred D’Aguiar. He was over visiting from The States and he gifted us his time and experience. I loved every second of being in his energy. There were about thirty souls there and Fred had asked us all to bring in something that was important to us (preferably not alive). I took my sea glass. He wove this into an exercise where everyone’s treasures were passed around and we had a few minutes to write about each piece in front of us.

When we had finished Fred asked ‘What were you doing Jane?’, because he’d noticed that I had held each piece in my hand, closed my eyes and then let words flow onto paper.

I replied ‘I was feeling the energy in each piece of treasure and writing what I felt from that.’

Fred smiled ‘What is your treasure about Jane?’

‘It is sea glass from the beach in front of my home. I am like the sea glass Fred, I don’t belong anywhere, yet I can live everywhere. My home is in my heart and all the treasured connections with the souls that I love are held there.’

He held my gaze and said ‘I understand Jane. That is me.’

If light is in your heart, You will find your way home ~ Rumi


Breathing sea air
Simply being.

Back in the work fold
Flowing naturally.

Seagulls riding the thermals
Opening new doors.

My heart is home.

Hold onto your dreams…

Electric Light Orchestra…Hold On Tight – have fun and click the link…..

Hold your dreams in your heart,
For they are precious,
And you alone can breathe them into life.

They hold your sparkle,
For they are you,
And singing your unique song.

Dreams come from within,
For they are born of spirit,
And your soul can read the script.

Trust your steps,
For each event is meant,
And weaves into the dreams for you.

Life is a platform for your dreams to live,
For they are born of love,
Ever there for you to be.

love and dreams

Spinning plates, breakage and making space for some different china…..

We spend so much time keeping all our plates spinning that I wonder how often we step back and look at the plates?

Sometimes the wind picks up and a plate smashes to the ground. At other times we make a decision and deliberately let a plate go or one that is worn out simply breaks on the pole. Another is when you are so busy concentrating on certain plates that others smash, because you trip up or run out of energy.

I have come to believe that to try and glue the plates back together again is a waste of energy.

Nothing happens by accident and plate breakage is one of nature’s laws as it allows room on our poles for the new.

Right now I am contemplating all sorts of china as I need a whole new collection of different plates. It’s perfectly alright to take a bit of time to choose as I could be spinning these plates for some time to come. Also I only need to start with a few. I do need to choose though, so right now I am being quiet and listening to my heart.

Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask “Why me?”, then a voice answers “Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up.” Charlie Brown…don’t you just love Charles M Schultz?

Peanuts by Charles M. Schultz

Everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment and will be coming from their own perspective, that is what makes us unique.

If you listen to your heart (your deepest heart), then let that pure wisdom guide you, you will be doing what is right for you.

At the core of each of us we have love. If we listen and act with that love then we are flowing with the energy from which we were created.

We then flow together.

Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary – Mark Twain

A friend of mind often shys away from anything emotional with the comment ‘Ooh that’s an emotional response, I am not dealing with that!’. I always smile and stay silent, but I have some thoughts to share on the emotional front and they may strike a chord with some of you.

We are emotional, spiritual beings living in a physical world and therein lies a dilemma for all of us. If we deny our emotions and always focus on the practical, then we are storing up a whole heap of trouble for ourselves. When you deny anything repeatedly, it builds and rises up at inopportune moments and not in a way that we can usually control. By focusing on the practical ‘to do’ aspect of life, then your emotions are not acknowledged and they have a way of paying you back when ignored!

I am not for a minute suggesting that you go around ‘splurging’ your feelings out on all and sundry, but a quiet acknowledgment to yourself on how you feel is a healthy thing to do. Also, at times when you feel overwhelmed emotionally then turning to a trusted loved one who will listen and help you make sense of what’s going on is also a blessed relief.

By listening to emotions our heart gets to offer guidance in it’s purest form and this in turn settles emotions in your system because they are being acknowledged. Couple your emotions with wisdom from past events and life lessons learnt, then your instinct will come into it’s own.

Everything in your system needs balance and harmony and your emotions are an important part of you.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world – Oscar Wilde

Hold your dreams in your heart. Others may not see your dreams as you do. There may be obstacles in the way. You may need to gently tweak your plan for your dreams. There may be times when you lose sight or hope. Hold your dreams in your heart.

See your future as a blank canvas and as the artist you choose the paint, the colour and the design for where you are going and the dreams you are pursuing.

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