Mum, Dad and I headed off to Anglesey, an island off the North Welsh coast, for a week recently. A thoughtfully equipped bungalow, nestling above a beautiful bay, gave us a cosy foundation and we had a grand week ‘sploring.

We were on the east coast of the island and the peace there is unique. Friends from North Wales came to visit and we also visited friends who live there (lucky souls). No SatNav in the car was a gift, because with much laughter and lots of ‘How about going left, or right?’ at different junctions, gave our ‘sploring a magical touch.

Dad got to rip it up on his scooter on various promenades and he went steam train riding with a buddy. Mum, a friend and I discovered a wonderful knitting shop in a tiny fishing village, where it’s possible we covered her takings for the day. We had ice creams, yummy meals and a memorable lunch by a lake in the middle of nowhere. Mum and I went beach combing, collecting treasures for my creations. Farms, bays, a lighthouse, little islands, estuaries full of yachts and boats and happy pausing places for coffee and hot chocolate were discovered along the way.

We had time together creating heart memories and that is the greatest gift. ❤ Our 'sploring added a different dimension to it all! ❤

If all else fails, then only hot drinking chocolate will do…..


When a ‘circles’, as in going round in, kind of day hits,
Then it may take all of your energy to hang onto your wits.

I pondered on this post and felt that an outpouring of my day,
Would in no way help anyone else deal with theirs, so what to say?

Ah I thought to myself, share your ‘back up against the wall’ plan old girl,
Who knows it may just strike a chord and someone else could give it a whirl….

So here goes and I relay the following with love and a huge dollop of fun,
Firstly, do the absolute bare essentials and leave the rest for a re-run.

Secondly, shower and get dressed again and pretend you have just got up,
Thirdly get the drinking chocolate and fill to the brim your largest cup.

Lastly, get out and take a few gulps of fresh air whilst buying yummy things to eat,
Then text friends in a similar boat and ask them around for a shared dinner treat.