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“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” John A. Shedd.

My lovely friend Bobbie shared this quote a few hours ago and it crystalised a whole tumble of thoughts and feelings within me. We are not built to stay in our ‘harbours’ as nothing will change. We all need rest sometimes, but that place can become a trap because we resist change so we feel safe.

When we first have a thought on something new we can do, it is pure in that initial moment. As time goes on we add our own fears, opinions and thoughts of consequences if we go ahead. If we share it with others, then their fears, opinions and ‘what if’s’ come into play too. What a weight to add to an idea.

We can all be heard to say ‘Life is short’, but they are just words unless action is taken. Nothing will change without change and we are built for change.

I am ready to change what I do for a living and several ideas have been floating around and one has taken root in my heart. It’s been an interesting life so far and I have had a go at a number of things that may, or may not, be seen as ‘successful’ by the measuring sticks that some use in our modern world. I have learned a lot and it has honed me into the flexible, resilient soul that I am, who chooses each day to feel life through a loving heart. Whatever this choice may bring forth, I’ll give it my best and who knows what sea it will sail me into.


Adventures every day….

Courtesy of the BBC

We watched the start of the Round the World Clipper Race yesterday from Everton Brow, the highest point in Liverpool. What a sight the twelve clippers were as they started their adventure, circumnavigating the world in a year.

Sir Robin Knox Johnston was interviewed yesterday morning and asked why people would do it. He replied ‘You go out there and face all sorts of challenges, including eighty foot high waves, whilst living together in close quarters. It pits you against nature and you return having won’.

My lovely man was considering doing a leg on this race, but decided against it and he watched them go with a wistful expression. I turned to him and said ‘You have faced more than eighty foot waves in life and done brilliantly. How about taking a sailing holiday together next year for fun, in calmer waters?’

Sparks of love….

Returning home to a pretty tea cup of blackberry preserve nestling in my fridge, full of flowing kindess from our landlady.

My loving man patiently waiting for me to run out of steam as I flew off at a tangent, then with ‘twinkly’ eyes saying ‘I have a joke for you’.

Winding balls of wool with my landlady's Mum, who has joined us in this special place, as we reminise about the days when our children were little and all the different things we have made over the years.

Thoughtful friends with a spare ticket to a play that was being streamed live into our local cinema messaging to say ‘Do you fancy coming along Jane and we’re all getting together to eat beforehand?’

Bumping into a friend who shares our special home at the local supermarket and being invited along to join her storytelling and yoga sessions.

On Skype each working day ‘sailing’ together with my lovely buddy as we share thoughts, giggles and our virtual kettle.

Sitting creating the special fingerless gloves with woven coloured strands from a kit that a special lass sent me from Yorkshire, just as she is writing to get in touch.

Messages flowing between my Mum and I, often reaching out to each other at the same moment.

So many sparks of love sprinkled through the days. You bet there’s other stuff going on with challenges to be sorted through, but as I sit here I choose the sparks. Ever grateful for the love. ❤


Evening sky over The Mersey

I watched the sky yesterday evening and the colours flowing through were extraordinary. My photo does not do them justice as there were so many of them layered up there.

Layered stories.

Every single one of us is running with the story we tell ourselves and reacting to this and to the stories others flow with. All different stories. All different reactions. We often ask ‘Why?’ without first seeking to understand the story.

‘Beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field, I will meet you there.’ Rumi


This shot was taken a few years ago through a car windscreen, on a very high hill in North Wales, just as a storm was passing.

A lovely friend and I were bowling along the motorway last week after visiting a buddy in hospital. This thought floated up and I voiced it:

We are all like a car driving through life. Every now and then we glance in the rear view mirror to check on the situation around us and get our bearings. If we stay looking at the rear view for too long then all sorts of mess will unfold and we can crash.

Return and repeat….


A few weeks have disappeared while I muddied my own waters and got lost in the shallows. I had ventured forth nurturing a connection and was giving it space and time to see what evolved. My words had changed and were embracing the new, but my emotions were firmly locked back in the past. So guess what happened? I got a repeat of the past.

All of life is energy and we are all energy. What is reflected back to us, is what we are putting out there energetically, no matter what words or actions we dress it up in. Some of us are facing tragic, difficult and at times overwhelming circumstances, yet we still have the power to choose our own thoughts. We also have the power to change the patterns that our thoughts are driving.

We feel our way through life with our emotions sparking from our thoughts, which then drive our words and actions. We get what we focus our attention on, so it is natural to want to nurture and foster thoughts that ease us into a contented space. We can choose our thoughts.

I watched the planes on the distant horizon coming in to land this morning. The sky was dark with snow clouds and every now and then, as they circled, the plane’s lights would shine through the murk.

I have had two significant sparks shine through in the last twenty four hours. One was from a loving friend sitting in my ‘happy bubble’ favourite chair and watching the view. She was listening to me natter away and with her insightful way of being she suddenly swung her gaze onto me and said ‘What you have just said is a great idea, how about doing that?’ and I felt the energy of it, smiled at her and it took root. ❤ The second spark came as I watched the planes, again from my favourite chair. I ‘twigged’ that I had got exactly what my emotions expected with the way recent events unfolded. It simply is what it is, because it matched my emotional energy vibration.

We choose what we focus on and life, being the natural force that it is, will flow it back to us. Return and repeat.

It makes you think doesn't it? What thoughts we can foster to nurture and grow contented plants in our life gardens. We choose our thoughts and that can change our patterns.

Riding nature’s thermals….


I connected with the lovely souls I am blessed to serve this morning and then headed out to go to the open air gym. I didn’t make it that far and instead sat for a good long while watching the sea, The Mersey and the wildlife as the ships went about their business.

The birds were wheeling above riding the thermals. I bet they don’t wake up and think ‘I am struggling, feel poorly, sad, fed-up, etc., etc…….I think I’ll give the thermal riding a miss today’. They keep their ‘being’ in a state of flight and movement and linking into nature, both move in harmony.

I work by connecting with folk as they hit breaks in their thermals, as we all do, with some nose diving straight into the sand, again as we all do at times. I am able to connect with their emotional energy and in turn can hear my spirit guides, ‘my lovely lot upstairs’ as I call them and ‘see’ things in my mind’s eye. It’s all a circle of trust. The lovely folk asking for support trust me, I trust myself and my spirit guides, who in turn trust me and that trust circles for us all. A loving trust. I do not need to hear or meet the souls coming to me for support and I serve them through the written word. Sometimes all I have is their first name and it flows from there. The gift of the written word means that they have something solid that they can draw on and absorb in their own time. It’s all natural.

The support is not telling them what to do, as we all have our own choices to make. We are responsible for these choices as they in turn create our own lives. Different perspectives come through and other views on situations and they are all very much soul led. We are driven by how we feel and a re-writing of parts, or the whole of our life story, can change feelings. Whatever point of their journey folk are at, loving support helps them to make choices to catch a ride on their thermals again. They may be the same thermals and they may not. Life, ever changing as it is, creates new thermals to ride. Loving help is there as we flex our wings.

Of all the different things I have done in my life so far, this is organic. No web site, advertising or any reference point, apart from an email address. Loving words spoken from one soul to another and the ‘ping’ of an email with ‘Hello Jane, can you………’. I know beyond any doubt that it is all from love.

After my recent spell in France I was rather shaken by the profound impact it had on me. I didn’t see that one coming! A new thermal was revealed and upon returning to my seaside home, (which I love), thermals were flowing, but I found myself unable to ride them. Now given how I serve others, I gave myself a clear ‘talking to’ and thought…’Now Jane, it’s time to be a ‘you’ for ‘you’. I voiced this to a trusted friend, which gave me clarity. Sometimes that is all we need….a safe space to ‘voice’ the feelings and thoughts within. So practically I re-arranged my living space, giving it a good early Autumnal ‘spring clean’ at the same time and unearthed some of Lynn’s treasures in storage and arranged them in my ‘new’ space. It worked and I am back to riding the thermals.

There are moments that flow into our hearts and this day has brought some forth: sitting down there watching the sea, with dogs playing and toddlers pottering about, I had a phone call where we were both ‘in sync’ and the shared thoughts brought forth smiles and laughter at both ends of the line. That kind of energy creates it’s own thermal, because when I got home Lynn announced her latest idea. We now have a beautiful arched wooden arbour being delivered for the front yard. We can sit outside, amidst all the flowering pots, and watch the birds catching the thermals.

Loving energy creates thermals. ❤


Jane Sturgeon

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