A brief but cautionary tale and a ditty of old that is very apt this week….

A few Christmases ago I decided a project was in order and having been given some old boxes of wall tiles by a friend I started to create a broken tile mosaic for all my kitchen walls. I had the mistaken belief that this would take me nicely through the holiday and I would be done by new year. My optimism needs curbing sometimes as it took a salutory three months of weekends and evenings to complete and my finger tips were shredded for ages afterwards.

Recently a friend gave me some hessian sacks with the comment ‘I saw these Jane and thought that you would know what to do with them’….mmmmm….I had this picture in my head of shopping bags with flowers on them made from all my scraps of material so I smiled and accepted them. Idiotic girl as what I should have said was ‘Thanks Bob but I have other things to do right now so please take them back to the farm from whence they came’.

You know when you have invested so much time in a project that it’s wise to see it through to the end. Yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s where I’m at with the bags. I have accidentally stuck myself so many times with a needle that my fingers started to bleed yesterday…like the shredded mosaic fingers I need to remember this.

So for this week I have found this old ditty I wrote a while back….

When things go pear-shaped and the going gets tough,
When you look in the mirror and think ‘Oh gawd I look rough’!
When life unfolds with events that weren’t in the original plan
When balance is required but instead you bear a strong resemblance to Desperate Dan….
When your ‘Absolutely Must Do Today’ list doesn’t fit with reality or time
When you look at what’s ahead of you and can’t quite face the climb…..
Keep following your dreams, hold them in your heart and build them bit by bit,
And in the face of life’s treacle, pants over tights, flick that cape and say ‘Bollocks’ to it.


A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world – Oscar Wilde

Hold your dreams in your heart. Others may not see your dreams as you do. There may be obstacles in the way. You may need to gently tweak your plan for your dreams. There may be times when you lose sight or hope. Hold your dreams in your heart.

See your future as a blank canvas and as the artist you choose the paint, the colour and the design for where you are going and the dreams you are pursuing.

Are you worrying about the fact that you worry too much?? What does worry create anyway? More worry and blow that for a lark!

One of the Reiki sayings is ‘Just for today I will not worry’. I was pondering whilst baking this morning on the things we worry about and the short answer is everything.

Worry begets yet more worry.

I have yet to see a chicken, headless or otherwise, racing around in circles as they can always been seen sleeping or pottering about pecking the ground in a determined fashion.

I look across and see our ‘boys’ slumbering peacefully, resting in the sure and certain knowledge that they will have a walk later. If I forget to do this then they will follow me around till I get the message.

Re-arranging that spreadsheet in an impressive fashion won’t change the fact that you are short on funds for paying the bills. So rather than focussing on the lack of finance, stop the worry and talk to trusted friends as a sounding board for ideas or let your mind float free and the answers on how to plug the gap will come. Trust.

If friends do not ‘get’ what you are experimenting with then go ‘within’ and listen to your inner voice. You do not need other folks worries and fears sparking your own.

Try different things; keep ‘sploring’ and evaluating and hang onto what feels right and if it’s right then it will have an energy all of it’s own.

If you worry about something constantly then the outcome will be the one you most fear.

Worry, like perfectionism, can kill the joy in a moment.

Try not to beat yourself up when things don’t go quite to plan or the outcome is not as expected; you tried and nothing is lost in trying. Stopping for a few minutes to pat yourself on the back for trying is a kind thing to do and worrying about whether to try again will stop you in your tracks.

Having a plan is good (I have a sofa coming for planning purposes) but being prepared to evaluate, adjust and change will be the plan’s life blood.

Every time a worry crosses your mind today, pause and try to adjust your thinking. Changing thoughts will change the outcome and allow room for new energy and magic to flow.