Letting go for new landscapes….

North Wales beach

A friend took this picture a few hours ago on a beach forty minutes drive away from here and it captures the essence of what I felt drawn to write about today. Life’s synchronicity flowing as ever…thank you Ivan.

I am back working on the telephone service, giving fresh perspectives and loving support to clients who call from around the world. The main thread throughout most of the calls is emotional difficulties and connections that are not balanced, be they relationship, family or work based. Love flows from the spirit world through me to those in need. I have not been working full time in this kind of way for nearly a year now and in the last few days I have found myself talking to some clients that are struggling with the same challenges we explored together before. We get so very stuck in this human world of ours and there are many reasons why we hold onto the familiar, but I think it can be broken down to two simple facets. We hold on through love or fear, or both.

I am very aware that each of us have our own paths to walk and journeys to explore and it is not for any other soul to dictate to another the perceived right or wrong way to do things, or the choices to be made. We all have freedom of choice.

My choice six months ago was to let go, walk away and float for a while. I was so lost, dis-spirited and lacking in confidence at the time, that I barely knew which way was up. I just knew that I needed to let go and allow things to unfold in their own way, so I could come back to myself, but in a different landscape. I had no idea how, or where, I just had faith that it would be alright. As you are all aware that took me on a chapter of house/pet/farm sitting adventures that may just make their way into a book….

In my new landscape there is a palpable peace surrounding us here in this rural setting and much comfort flows within it. I am communicating with clients interactively by typing, so I am easing myself back in and not using my voice. The love and support flows to them through my words on the internet. I can sit here at the open glass doors, at the front of my apartment, and soak up the atmosphere of the daily round that is ‘here’, without worrying about having silence for my clients.

My daily round is friendly voices and sounds floating on the sunny air; my lovely landlord and his sidekick working away on the latest apartment conversion and mending our outside lights (which are playing up), neighbour’s dogs and cats popping in to say ‘Hello’, sunshine dancing on wooden planks of the barn opposite with the herd giving the odd ‘Moo’ from inside, sheets flapping on washing lines, birds hopping across the branches of little fir trees against the barn wall and balancing on the feeders we have placed there, a Thrush singing her heart out, a gifted Lavender incense stick from Dylan Thomas’s birth place burning on my desk and the lovely sight of my patio rose, which has fifteen buds on it and nestles next to a huge potted pink Geranium from my Mum.

It is my hope that I can send the spark of life’s magic out to those in need, so they too can find the gifts woven into letting go for new landscapes.

My patio rose

A bad workman always blames his tools…


I am in the depths of rural Wiltshire on a working farm and loving it. Above we have little Lulu, tuckered out after a day chasing sticks and balls that the builders have been throwing for her. I also have the company of Harry, a beautiful black flat coated Retriever and Bumble, a poodle cross. One thing these dogs all have in common is the sweetest, most loving natures and it is a delight to explore the farm with them by my side.

My first full day here has been an adventure and my reference to the saying ‘A bad workman always blames his tools…’ relates to my experience with the Aga. I had an email from my client saying that I may find builders on the farm building a barn. I did, in a far paddock across the yard working hard on a massive 90 foot barn, so they will be here most of the week. They were very pleased to be offered a hot drink, and unable to find builder type biscuits, I also offered to bake them a cake. Their eyes lit up. The Aga and I had become acquainted at breakfast time and there was no reason to suspect that I could not produce cake using it. Oh me and my eternal optimism. My furry companions were bemused when I took my cake out of the oven this afternoon and burst out laughing. My new builder friends watched me approach with their afternoon refreshments in hand, saying ‘A bad workman always blames his tools…’ To then look relieved when they realised I was referring to my cake. They assured me that it tasted good, because it certainly looked interesting in shape and appearance! I have a week to master the Aga….

There are sheep on this farm (that escape into the rose garden!), retired racehorses, ducks, geese and hens, as well as my furry companions, so it is easy to see why I love it here. The farmhouse is a beautiful country home and my bedroom is en suite with a bath tub that is wide, deep and long. Bliss…..


Let me introduce you to Harry, who is keeping watch over me while I write this.

There are all manner of roses growing up the front and back of the house, the ducks and hens are so tame you can stroke them, a stone lined stream runs through the grounds like a moat, buildings have been made from soft, honeyed Cotswold stone, there are fields as far as the eye can see, a friendly lodger on the top floor of the farmhouse, many wild birds and a huge five bar gate that I open to drive the car in, the dogs come to greet me and then jump into the car, I drive through, close the gate and then we all travel up to the farm together.

And last but not least, Bumble, who is holidaying here while her Mum is away and whose tail wags in time to the words you say to her.


‘Light Notes’ … another poetic collaboration between Martin Shone and Jane Thorne.

Martin and I have been busy creating again and this is our latest poem….

Light Notes

Incoming on a band of pure gold
touching nature and souls on the way
the thrum of a double bass
on notes so pure
an energy all-encompassing
flooding tired eyes

Trees look up
Trees look around
Trees look down
Trees look at light
all around them
and smile
for without light
there are no trees

Souls catch the light
Souls spin in joy
Souls sing with abandon
Souls feel
and smile
for without light
souls merely exist

and so this rose

is soul
is light
is pure
is nature

and so this rose
opens its petals
sometimes fragrant
sometimes not
always colourful
always smiling
for it is the
which makes
a rose such a beautiful thing

and so this rose


upon notes of love