Light through water…

As I start to write this there’s a seagull perched on the edge of the roof terrace in the rain and he’s watching the world go by, as the tide goes out.

I have learnt a life gift recently that is a treasure. A loving friend sent me a text message one evening and I sensed that all was far from well with her. I telephoned and she burst into tears. In all the time we have known each other I have never seen or heard her cry and I was shocked. Thank goodness I managed to listen, but then I dropped a howler as I tried to make suggestions to fix what she was dealing with. I mentally have my head in my hands as I share that. What was I thinking!! She wasn’t asking for help, she just needed me to listen. My shock at her distress and love for her propelled me into ‘rescue’ mode and fortunately, I realised what I was doing, apologised and let her speak.

We met up for afternoon tea on Saturday and had a wonderful time, as we always do. Homemade scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream were involved which helped. Away from the heat of that moment on the phone, I quietly said sorry again and we talked about it. Oh, the gift of having someone listen, truly listen and not judge or try to tidy things up. Within a few days she had found her own answers and sorted things out. ❤

Other friends of mine are living through a dark situation that does not have a solution and we met on Saturday evening to spend some time together. We chose a wonderful Italian restaurant and sat there together all cosy and warm, under twinkling fairy lights, as it lashed it down with rain on the pavements and the sea outside.

One of our waiters was obviously Italian and bursting with youth. He looked after us beautifully and after one of his bursts of Italian as he brought yummy bread covered with mozzarella and caramelised onion to our table, I commented as he walked away.

‘Isn’t he lovely?’

Quick as a flash my buddy said;

‘He’s really Jim from Sheffield, Jane!’

I’m still chuckling as I share that.

We shared, cried and laughed through the evening and I was minded to just listen. ❤

The ultimate ‘selfie’ – self love, self respect, self worth – all interlinked and vital.


There is a herd of Jacob’s sheep here, along with their lambs, and Daisy is the eldest in their group. She is a character and comes to say ‘Hello’ and stands still for as long as her head is stroked and her neck rubbed. We stood at the gate this morning and chatted, as I rubbed her shorn fleece.

Without a shadow of doubt, this farm sit has been my busiest assignment, calling upon skills and dollops of common sense in equal measure.

I started these adventures with the belief that I could earn my living through my telephone work and writing assignments. This would enable me to gift my time and love caring for pets, farm animals and homes, in return for a roof over my head. Again, there have been blessings and challenges in equal measure and a huge life lesson nestled within.

I have ended up skewing my own balance out of whack. I became very involved caring and flowing love into others’ lives and it has left precious little time for me to care for me. I did not value myself enough. The consequences of this lack of care are evident, but repairable. I choose not to travel down the path of blame, recriminations, anger or bitterness, as my own choices took me down this route in the first place and others’ actions are there own responsibility. So there are new choices being made, balance coming into view and as ever, life gifts being acknowledged.

We all give freely of our love, in so many ways, as we go about our daily rounds and I believe this is driven by the desire to be valued, loved, appreciated, respected, or all four, by others. Our own view on how worthy we are of love and respect cannot be sustainable like this.

How often do we pause to flow love to ourselves? For in loving ourselves we create and grow our own self worth and this is self respecting. We owe ourselves that surely?

We can love ourselves for who we are, not what we do, or are seen to do. Self love and appreciation builds sustainable self worth and that shines a light that warms everyone. Ask Daisy, she has a special light.

Golden light