Oh the ease that follows from removal of the word ‘should’….

My clients are a rich source of inspiration and my heart was tugged recently by one lovely lady almost drowning in her grief. She is hanging on in there though and holding out her hand to take baby steps forward. Whilst talking with her I realised that she was already under terrible pressure but she was increasing this by saying that she should be starting to feel better and things should be starting to ease up for her.

There is no ‘should’ about it.

‘Should’ is a straight-jacket and I have dropped it from my vocabulary.

Removal of this word brings palpable and immediate relief.

One word that I have dropped from my life is ‘should’…there is nothing natural about this word….

The minute you say the word ‘should’ there is pressure; try it and see. I should do this, do that, say this, say that, be there, be that ….. the list is endless and there is pressure in every one of these instances. There is nothing natural about ‘should’.

I have changed ‘should’ to ‘will’; I will do this, do that, say this, say that, be there, be that.

Nothing happens by accident and life flows naturally. In flowing naturally with it the minute we say the word ‘should’ to ourselves or others then we are hampering the flow.