A magical light at St. George’s Church, Fordington, Dorchester…..


Re-tracing the steps of Roman times,
And many centuries past.

Fresh pasties and apple juice,
Savoured in Thomas Hardy land.

Dappled sunlight on a river,
Running through clear and true.

Pure light shining,
Reflected in eyes and smiles.

A time of heart memories,
Of peace for joyful souls.

Flowing with love and catching the spark of new opportunities along the way….

Rocky and Lizzie

One of my lovely friends, Andy (on that special hill in Gloucestershire) shared this photo today and I love it. I cared for Rocky, Lizzie, the hens, a timid cockrel and their beloved Amy over Easter this year, and a part of my heart most certainly stayed up there with them all. The friendships created during that time are still flowing (and growing) and I know it won’t be long before we can all hug each other and have a natter again. Laughter being the key to all these loving strands, Andy sent me a message yesterday that there was a happening on the hill…our musician friend, Eddie, is seeing a wonderful surge of energy and success with the re-forming of his band Loose Tubes, originally formed back in the eighties. The performances, reviews and messages from this are all threaded with humour and love, it’s fab. Andy (and Eddie) do not mind me relaying a message I received from Andy yesterday, I also know that Eddie and his special missus Elaine will roar with laughter. I did. I am still chuckling. Andy wrote…’Yep, Eddie is a superstar now . He walks around the hill in a spangly suit and platform heel boots followed by a large group of middle aged men, scratching their beards and taking notes. We need you up here near us!’

I sit here today in another of my favourite spots, right beside the canal, park and nature reserve. It’s raining and Phoebe, Charlie and I are tucked up inside, all warm and dry. Phoebe is gently easing into her later years and her back leg is very poorly right now, which makes life tricky for her. We have worked out a routine that helps her, and during the daytime she likes to curl up in her bed beside me as I work. I can lean down and stroke her and see her body relax as she sleeps. Charlie, the lovely marmalade cat, is used to me now as this is my third visit here. He makes it very clear when affection is required by talking to me as he circles around my feet. When draped across my shoulder, I rock him and we chat together. Both of them are used to me singing as I beaver away.

There have been many changes in my set-up lately, and I am rolling with them and adjusting as I go. I now charge for my pet care and house sitting services and it is gratifying to see new enquiries come in over the last few days. My writing assignments are changing and I am running to catch the opportunities being presented as old avenues close. My psychic guidance work is also shifting and I am making adjustments to keep that balanced. I have added a page to my web site for interactive questions and responses.

Jane Thorne ‘Different Perspectives’

I can feel the love that flows as I travel around looking after these loving furry souls, meet (and sometimes get to spend time with) their human families and have adventures in different places. With love, new opportunites are floating up that echo the adjustments I am making and that is reassuring.

‘Light Notes’ … another poetic collaboration between Martin Shone and Jane Thorne.

Martin and I have been busy creating again and this is our latest poem….

Light Notes

Incoming on a band of pure gold
touching nature and souls on the way
the thrum of a double bass
on notes so pure
an energy all-encompassing
flooding tired eyes

Trees look up
Trees look around
Trees look down
Trees look at light
all around them
and smile
for without light
there are no trees

Souls catch the light
Souls spin in joy
Souls sing with abandon
Souls feel
and smile
for without light
souls merely exist

and so this rose

is soul
is light
is pure
is nature

and so this rose
opens its petals
sometimes fragrant
sometimes not
always colourful
always smiling
for it is the
which makes
a rose such a beautiful thing

and so this rose


upon notes of love