Trees, leaves, sunlight and magic….

Spring leaves

From the window where I work there is a line of trees opposite. In the few short weeks I have been living here the leaves have burst forth and they are full and rustling in the breeze today. There are two trees in the middle that have a ‘silveryness’ and today something magic happened. The sun was shining down and catching the reflection on the leaves. It was as if hundreds of glittery lights were swaying and tumbling down the trees and it was spell binding to watch. ❤

I was grateful for nature's display, because the customer requests today were angry and had a fair degree of 'stickiness' as their theme. I flowed with loving versions of empathy, ease, different perspectives, letting go and acceptance. They chose to rant. I wanted to share with them the view of these trees in all their beauty, but they are not yet ready to listen. In Autumn, the trees will let go and all the leaves will fall to the ground and nourish the soil to enable them to rest through wintertime, ready to burst forth again in the Spring. ❤

Three decisions in my camp over the weekend will flow some changes through in the next few weeks. I am starting my own writer's group, having my hair cut short and have had my request to join the local weekly pub quiz team accepted. These are all good moves I feel. Setting up the writer's group has propelled me out to meet and talk to different people. If it doesn't pan out, at least I will have made new friends. Having my hair cut will 'let go' of the security that long hair makes me feel attractive. If I don't like it, then I can always grow it again. Last, but not least, bless the quiz team, because they will save me from talking to myself and the television when quiz programs are broadcast. ❤

A friend sent a text this afternoon to say he was walking on the prom by the pirate ship and he shared a magic moment. There is a wishing post by the ship and people leave keepsakes there. A little one, with the help of her Mum and Dad, said 'Goodbye' and tied her two dummies on with ribbon. An official ceremony to mark the occasion as her Mum and Dad and all the lovely people on the prom clapped and cheered her. Pure magic. ❤

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward” E.E. Cummings

hedgerow flowers

It’s about taking chances and even though my heart was in my mouth yesterday I took a chance. I had a work booking in a village about four miles away and the only sensible way to get there was on my bike. I may have already mentioned the hills here. This unfit middle aged woman had let fear turn these into a mountain range.

I gave myself time, walked pushing my bike when my legs screamed in protest, had my spirit friends beside me, prayed that the rain on the distant hills held off (it did), sang (out loud), gave myself ‘safe space’ from the commuter traffic on the part where I was on a main road, shared a friendly ‘Hello’ with early dog walkers and did not think beyond this part of my journey.

Work was a treat with much laughter and five hours later I set off for home.

My reward was seeing primroses, daffodils and forget-me-nots in the hedgerows, feeling the sun on my face, stopping to talk to the horses in the fields, watching the tractors toiling away and sharing a smile as I caught the kind laughter of a grocery delivery man as he watched me stand stock still halfway up the steepest hill.

I can take this chance every single day now for I feel the rewards have only just begin to show themselves.

tractor in spring