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It’s The Vicar of Dibley….only better because this is real….

'The Vicar of Dibley - BBC'

‘The Vicar of Dibley – BBC’

Back in the 1990’s the BBC screened a very successful comedy series called ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ and the re-runs still stand the test of time now. The characters were finely drawn around a lady vicar (Dawn French), the villagers and life with all it’s trials and tribulations. It was hilarious and had a huge following.

Last night I attended my first committee meeting for our village festival and it was hugely entertaining and I hasten to add productive!

We were all welcomed into our chairman’s beautiful home, with windows high into the vaulted kitchen ceiling that showed fields as far as the eye could see. Nerves propelled me there early and I sat at the huge kitchen table with the Mum of the house and her children, playing cards as we waited for the others to arrive. There were fourteen of us in all, with a fair few apologies, which is quite something for a small village.

The characters around the table were varied and most of them have obviously worked together for many years. The care and laughter was soon flowing (along with the wine) and the banter sparkled. They effortlessly included me and, although there were some familiar faces around the table from the Spring walk, I soon felt as if I have known everyone before.

On the day, my role in the festivities is the running of the cream tea section of the catering tent. I thought I was in a tent alone, but to my delight I (and the lovely Hannah) are with a colourful Aussie chap running the BBQ and the lovely farming couple I have already met running the bar…marvelous!

I also discovered that the ladies of the over 60’s club in the village, the 3C’s (coffee, chat and cake), have offered to bake the scones. Great news!

Early on in the proceedings I was so relaxed that when a ice cream man was suggested, and prices/profits were discussed, I asked if we had a freezer. The words that came out of my mouth were along the lines of, if we did the ice creams ourselves then the profit would be greater. Our chairman’s broad grin gave me a hint of what was to come, and yes, you’ve guessed it, the ice cream freezer is now part of the cream tea section! Needless to say, I was careful with any further suggestions for the rest of the evening.

At one point words and banter were flying thick and fast and I lost track. I turned to the lady at my side and asked if I’d missed anything important. She smiled broadly and shook her head ‘no’.

I love the way everyone supports each other, the lightheartedness of it all, the underlying purpose, care, the creativity and most of all the love that flowed around that table.

This was our last gathering till the set-up and actual festival day on July 6th, and as I trotted home last night I was smiling. I still have a warm glow this morning and, no, it’s not from the wine!

Synchronicity, balance and blessings in simplicity….

my village

Through my own choices my balance was rocked lately and I made a decision to step back and take stock. Time to reflect and just ‘be’ is a blessing.

There is a profound peace in this little cottage where I live and the walls that are over 200 years old protect and enfold me. I pottered yesterday and so many blessings floated up…..

I live on a hilltop looking out over fields and hills and the birds happily sing their freedom up here.

The traffic is a rural mixture of horses, tractors, battered land rovers and a very grumpy postman.

I unpegged my washing from the line yesterday and the setting sun caught the church tower at the side of our gardens.

Neighbours knock on my door all smiles and friendly offers.

There is a Pilates class in the village hall just over the brow of the hill on Monday evenings.

We are all going for a Spring walk on the May bank holiday ending with a picnic in a local wood. Homemade cake has been mentioned.

There is a real possibility of the closed pub building being turned into a village shop.

I have loving friendship links in all the surrounding villages. Friends that I have made with all the different things I have done in various places around the world and here we are in close proximity. Are we having fun catching up with each other? You betcha!

One of my clients looked across my sitting room on a recent visit and quizzed me about the things I make. I am now creating to add to the stock in her vintage gift shop.

There is synchronicity at work here with a balance that I have longed for.

I am grateful and content.

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