Our future path…..

‘They’ say tis not for us to know our future path and the steps to take
Yet it is strewn with wishes as we feel their feather like touch.

Days filled with practical concerns and much to do
Wise sayings abounding on letting go and catching favourable winds.

Thoughts and glimpses with hope of what may yet come to pass
Held in the heart, tucked away safe where you alone can see.

I believe we shape what is yet to be, in imagination watering the seeds to grow
For your hand is most assuredly on the tiller of your ship and where you go.

Hopes, dreams and wishes that your heart sings to you…….

Every day we get the chance to start anew,
I have my dreams and I am sure you do too.

A song that is sung straight from your heart,
The spark in your daily round that marks a start.

Hold your dreams as you would a feather in your hand,
And when life exerts it’s usual pressure make a stand.

Breathe life into your hopes, work hard and apply some grit,
To make your imaginary life come real bit by little bit.

When you sit in that rocking chair at the end of your days,
Let your tales be full of life, adventure and painted a joyful glaze.